Vindöforum läuft wieder

Vindö, was sonst?

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Re: Vindöforum läuft wieder

Beitrag von TomM » Montag 11. Februar 2019, 05:52

Russell hat geschrieben:
Mittwoch 9. Januar 2019, 22:59
Congratulations on restoring my favourite forum. The Irish winter nights are once more not so long.
Hi Russell,
What about the Irish activities? I tried for a long time to log in intos the Yahoo group. I got already a login in the far past but it will not work any longer. As fas as I know, and see (I get still the messages) there are a lot of English speaking owners maybe its not a bad idea to start an English part of our Vindoe-Forum. What do you think about it?
so long -> Tom

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Re: Vindöforum läuft wieder

Beitrag von Russell » Freitag 22. Februar 2019, 00:41

Greetings Tom
I would agree with you that the Yahoo forum is now so outdated and difficult to use that very few people seem to use it. It does never the less have some residual information which I feel it would be a pity to loose. This was my biggest worry about this forum as I contemplated the possible loss of all the collected information, not to mention the humour and good will which lubricates the cogs.
An english section to the forum sounds like a great idea so long as it is does not encroach in any way on the unique character of the existing forum.
The Google translate seems to be improving but I still have to return to the original German to view photos.
I have to say that since my son has recently fallen in love with a girl from Cologne I should be improving my own German.
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