Vindöforum läuft wieder

Vindö, was sonst?

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Re: Vindöforum läuft wieder

Beitrag von TomM » Montag 11. Februar 2019, 05:52

Russell hat geschrieben:
Mittwoch 9. Januar 2019, 22:59
Congratulations on restoring my favourite forum. The Irish winter nights are once more not so long.
Hi Russell,
What about the Irish activities? I tried for a long time to log in intos the Yahoo group. I got already a login in the far past but it will not work any longer. As fas as I know, and see (I get still the messages) there are a lot of English speaking owners maybe its not a bad idea to start an English part of our Vindoe-Forum. What do you think about it?
so long -> Tom

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